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New Popular PL-600 Overall Tension Relief Region Accupressure Shiatsu Massage Details

Popular Massage Chairs offers the worlds best shiatsu massage chair. Compare all the extra details!

Popular Shiatsu Massage Chairs New Popular 600

Associated Overall Tension Relief Region
Shiatsu Acupressure Massage Points


Include the Following Meridians (Amongst Other Sub-Meridians)

  • Feng Chi, Tian Shu, Jian Chang Shu, Jian Wai Shu, Fu Fen, Po Shu, Gao Shung, Shen Tang, Gan Shu, Dan Shu, Pi Shu, Wei Shu, San Jiao Shu, Shen Shu, Chi Hai Shu, Da Chang Shu, Huan Chang, Cheng Gru, Yin Men, He Yang, Cheng Jun, Cheng Shan, Fei Yang, Wai Chiu, Fu Yang, Kun Lun, and Wai Huai Chien


Popular Shiatsu Massage Chairs New Popular PL-600 Associated Tension Relief Region Acupressure Points


Automatically Locates Accupressure Points
All automatic massage functions detect Shiatsu Accupressure Points based on the body height. The technologically advanved massage chair automatically adapts to suitable massaging area, locates the accupressure points, then executes the pressure point massage functions.

Automatically Locates Accupressure Points

Popular 600 Leather, Heated, Shiatsu Massage Chair ReclinerPopular 600 Massage Chair The New Popular Massage Chair 800

Is simply THE ultimate in massage chair technology. The Popular 600 Massage Chair comes with up-dated air bag technology, forarm massage, Accu-massage detailed sensors for each body type, and much more! For all the technical details click any of the Popular 600 images.

Popular 600 Massage Chair Color Options
Popular Massage Chairs PL-600 Black
Popular Massage Chairs PL-600 Tan
Popular Massage Chairs PL-600 Ivory
Popular Massage Chairs PL-600 Brown

Click Here for a larger view of both the side and the front of the PL-800 shiatsu massage chair *Click Here for additional details click on the Popular 600 massage chair.

Genuine Fine Italian Leather

High quality chairs are manufactured using genuine leather, not vinyl, especially for the massage chairs. Because of the preset programs and built-in functions such as tapping, rolling, and kneading, vinyl may only last up to 2 years. On the other hand, genuine leather lasts much longer. CLICK HERE for more information. We believe leather must be the smart choice.

Leather areas: seat cushion, chair back cushion, head support, and arm rest top surfaces. Please refer to the chair pictures for further detail.

Pre-assembled. The PL-600 chair is fully functional right out of the box & easily folds.Pre-assembled. The PL-600 chair is fully functional right out of the box & easily folds.
Pre-assembled. The PL-600 chair is fully functional right out of the box & easily folds.

  • Same Day Shipping. We also offer delivery to Hawaii and Canada.

Average delivery time is 2 - 5 days, and White Glove Delivery for only $100.00 extra.


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