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Dis-ease at this time in our history is as rampant as ever. Despite the best available drugs and medications. As we progress as a society and as a civilization, dis-ease continues to manifest in many different ways.
Body in Balance
Here we present a little of what we know about various conditions and what may influence a positive outcome. It doesn't matter what culture you are from, dis-ease is the result of an imbalance. Too much or too little. For example, too much cholesterol or too little cholesterol may cause health problems. Health is balance of mind, body and spirit.

Illness is often spoken about as "striking a victim" and implies a randomness. Illness often leaves the "victim" in a helpless role. This person then seeks outside help (often looking for a magical cure) without considering himself or herself to be a vital role in his or her own process of healing.

Illness, or dis-ease, offers us an opportunity to look within and heal ourselves on a more profound level. When we look within, we can assess more appropriately our role in the dis-ease process . With this knowledge, we can then use the guidance of others without feeling that we need to be rescued. Here is a link with additional information on the energetic root cause of disease.

Understanding Dis-ease is one of the best medicines available.

We have seen over the past 50 years a resurgence of interest in traditional methods of healing, also many people experience complete recovery from some of the most serious dis-ease's by using natural methods.

Natural treatments are many, and now with the co-operation of science, understandings are being validated. We are finding that the majority of people of the world are using some form of natural therapy, from vitamin and mineral supplements to osteopathy, massage, spiritualism, homeopathy, naturopathy, flower essences, yoga, and more. Statistics have found those practicing a maintenance program to reduce stress in there lives are usually more at peace with themselves and their environment.

The evidence to support the cure of any dis-ease is anecdotal. In what is considered complementary medicine, dis-ease is a symptom of a psycho-spiritual problem, and the objective in treatment is to heal the individual, to bring them into a greater sense of wholeness, of harmony, so then the symptoms of dis-ease will go away. It is not so much to cure the problem and make the symptom go away, rather to cure the person and they will be healed.

Within the fields of healing there are many differences of opinion.

Modern medical science and your family doctor hold to a view that there is no cure of any dis-ease, rather there is the the ability to suppress and manipulate symptoms either with medication, or the removal of the offending body parts to affect the health status of an individual. Attempts at the cure of dis-ease although working in the isolation of the laboratory often fail to work, although can produce interesting and profitable new drugs/products. Developments in science and medicine support the case for a healthy diet, exercise, rest and recreation to maintain a healthy body and mind.

Using the analogy of the light bulb, take a paint brush and begin to put a layer of paint on the bulb until you coat the entire bulb. Let it dry, then paint it again...and again...and again. Soon, the light from within will barely filter through, regardless of how much electrical energy is used. Dis-ease, or dis-harmony choices made from illusions all the way to our lack of empowerment is very similar to the painting of the light bulb.

The electrical energy flow to the same light bulb can be shorted out, overloaded or substantially decreased so that too much, or too little, electricity is conducted. This would correspond to the flow of energy occurring with the body. Our energy flow can be blocked, overloaded, and/or dampened. This interferes with, or prevents, our energy from flowing as it naturally should.

Emotions and feelings are energy... issues and experiences are energy. And because they are energy, they can create blockages and false passages of energy through the body: illness. They can dampen the light within us until it no longer shines and it becomes completely hidden away from our own eyes; it can cause us to inadvertently punish ourselves for issues that we scarcely, or no longer can, remember.

But the body knows and remembers, as does the mind, the spirit, and the energy fields. It can even become so much a part of us that it begins to insinuate itself within our very DNA, our very cellular structure until it is us. This false facade of us begins to live, to make choices, bear out the responsibilities of our actions...and we no longer can see our own inner light shine, much less our true and real selves.

The Amazing Human Body.

No machine can compare to the human body, which can do all this with a minimum of conscious control and awareness:

As an average adult during an average day:Body in Motion

  • You exercise 7,000,000 brain cells.
  • You speak 48,000 words.
  • Your heart beats 103,689 times.
  • Your blood travels 27,000 kilometers or 16 800 miles.
  • You breathe 23,040 times.
  • You inhale 12.4 cubic meters or 438 cubic feet of air.
  • Your hair grows 0.44 millimeters or 0.01717 inch.
  • Your nails grow 0.0012 millimeters or 0.000046 inch.
  • You move 750 major muscles.
  • You eat 1.5 kilograms or 3.25 pounds of food.
  • You drink 1.3 kilograms or 2.9 pounds of liquids.
  • You lose 2.8 kg or 6.2 pounds of waste.
  • You perspire 677 milliliters or 1.43 pints.
  • You turn in your sleep 25 to 30 times.
  • You give off 29.8 degrees C or 85.6 degrees F. The Amazing Mind

" You are only limited by your own mind, Heal the mind and the body will heal itself, Find the balance and you find yourself "

Hippocrates, the grandfather of modern medicine once said " Let your food be your medicine and your medicine your food " Nutritional medicine used the food you eat as a treatment tool., perhaps the most basic powerful tool for healing. Give the body what it needs (feed it right) and the body will heal itself.

Just like any piece of finely tuned machinery needs tune-ups, so too does every human body need Massage to ensure that all systems of the body can control everything optimally. At PopularMassageChairs.com we are honored to be here to provide you with the best Customer Service and highest quality Massage Chairs available.

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