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Popular Massage Chairs PL-2000E Massage Chair

Popular Massage Chairs PL-2000E Additional Details


The PL-2000E also has these unique functions:

  • The Top Selling PL-2000E Massage ChairAutomatic Anatomical Measurement and Adjustment.
    The Popular PL-2000E massage chair automatically senses the body measurements of the user and adjusts itself to give the perfect massage for any individual. The automatic adjustments include: 1. The width of the rollers, 2. The strength of the massage, and 3. The style of the massage.
  • Built in Sleep Timer.
    Stress is one of the leading health problems in America today. What better way to counteract this stress than a relaxing massage??? WITHOUT the added stress of worrying about napping too long and missing your next appointment! This chair has a UNIQUE Sleep Timer...after your massage and a brief rest period you set yourself, the chair automatically raises itself backup to the upright position and rouses you gently from your relaxing slumber, or massage you again!
  • Genuine Italian Leather.
    The finest Italian leather is used on the chairs backrest, seat, armrests, and footrest. Only the finest genuine Italian leather can give you the sophisticated, luxurious look and feel you deserve. This chair was designed by a famous Italian designer, brought in especially to create this fine piece of furniture. Spacious, Comfortable, Graceful, and Elegant in design, you cannot help but love it!
  • Automatic Reclining.
    The recline position of the back and footrest can be set automatically, or customized precisely to the exact position that suits you best!
  • Extra Wide Heated Massage Chair
    It measures 37" in width which accommodates all sizes, rather than the standard 32" and has heaters in back and seat!
  • Longest Range of any Massage Chair made
    The PL-2000E has the longest track range of any chair made including the PL-1.
  • Powerful 7 motors system delivers the most realistic full body, seat & leg massage.
  • Intelligent 4 roller system flexible, conforms to users own back contour.
  • Special neck cut-out for deep tissue neck massage.
  • Ultra-long range massage Reaches high up in the neck or axis region and very low down into the tailbone or coccyx region.
  • Genuine Fine Italian leather only the finest genuine Italian leather can give you the sophisticated, luxurious look and feel you deserve.  Don't accept cheap synthetic leather!
  • American-Sized recliner, built for toughness and durability to last.
  • Full Control of all the functions at your finger tips. Customize massages to best meet your needs with the easy to use one-touch controls. Remote Icon details here.
  • PL2000E measures 37" in width, rather than the standard 32," which accommodates allsizes.
  • Easy-roll caster wheels, designed to have chair to be easily moved.
  • Only chair approved by FDA, ETL (US highest safety department), CLE and ISO 9002.
  • 5 year limited warranty.

The further back you recline the stronger the massage. Power recline allows you to adjust automatically up to a relaxing 160 degree angle.

Footrest is equipped with 3 speed rolling massage to gently roll the calves, or you can bend your legs and massage the bottom of your feet.

Power Source AC local voltage, 100-120v/50-60Hz
Power Consumption 20-200W
Rated Time 30 min.
Automatic Timer 15 min.
Material Type Genuine Fine Italian Leather
Reclining Angle Approx. 120-160 degrees
Reclining Mode Automatic for back & foot rest
Dimensions (W x D x H) W = 37.2" x D = 40.3' x H = 47.2" (Upright)

 W = 37.2" x D = 68.9' x H = 30. (Reclined)

Weight Approx. 150 lbs.
Accessories Remote control

Yin Yang  Day Night Male Female = BalanceAs a Professional Massage Therapist for 15+ years, "I know that a machine will never duplicate the power within human touch, however the Popular PL-2000E does a very thorough job and we bring it to you for the guaranteed lowest price" DB

Just show us the PL-2000E advertised for less and we will gladly beat it!

The PL-2000E Massage Chair
Comes in These Attractive Colors:
Green, Brown, Ivory.

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F R E E  S H I P P I N G  I N  C O N T.  U S A
C L I C K  H E R E  T O  O R D E R  T H E  P L  2 0 0 0 E

Sale Price: $2200.00

Please call for more Information or to place your order!Please call for more Information or to place your order!

100% S E C U R E  S H O P P I N G

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