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The Popular PL-868 Massage Commercial Chair

Popular Massage Chairs PL-868
Vending Massage Chair

The PL-868 Vending Massage Chair chair has these unique functions:
The PL-868 Vending Massage Chair

  • Produces Revenue As It Relaxes Your Customers
    The PL-868 is successfully being used in: Shopping Centers, Super Markets, Casinos, Country Clubs, Restaurants, Health Fitting Rooms, Beauty Salons, Entertainment Areas, Gas Stations, Car Washes, Airports, Hotels, Motels, Hospitals, Clinics, Rest Areas, etc. This chair effortlessly makes money for you wherever there are people who enjoy a massage.

  • 4 Extended Life Commercial Motors
    Massaging your customers body with a full back ranged preprogrammed setting. Closely replicating the well known benefits of a skilled Shiatsu master in the location of your choice, without flying off to Japan!
  • Shiatsu Massage Features
    Offering an automatic massage feature using kneading, tapping, and rolling, throughout the entire back region. Assisting to put your customers body in an ultimate state of bliss.

  • Easy to Use Bill Acceptor
    Conveniently accepts 1.00, 5.00, 10.00, and 20.00 dollar USA bills only. You can easily program the amount to charge per minute of massage. The PL-868 is pre-programmed to accept $1.00 for 3 minutes of invigorating massage and holds up to 600 neatly stacked bills.
    The Ultimate Shiatsu Massage Chair Foot Roller
  • WITH ALARM SYSTEMBuilt in Security Alarm System
    If money compartment is tampered with an alarm will be sounded to warn of thief, and alert management and nearby patrons.

  • Dual Position Digital Count Meter
    Easily keep track of the amount of money your chair has earned since day one and resetable per trip money pickup.

  • Fire resistant surface and foam Fire Resistant Surface and Foam
    Manufacture also offers 2 million dollar general liability insurance on chair.
  • Built in Insert Money Alert
    When customer sits down in the PL-868, it immediately notifies them to insert money to receive a massage every 15 seconds w/ adjustable volume control saying " PLEASE INSERT BILL". Very helpful to keep people moving who just want to sit in chair and not pay.

  • Thanks Customer After Massage
    A voice recording saying "THANK YOU AND HAVE A RELAXING LIFE" adding that personal touch and positive imprinting to their wonderfull massage!

  • Extra Wide Massage Chair
    It measures 35" in width which accommodates all sizes, rather than the standard 32".


Yin Yang  Day Night Male Female = BalanceAs a Professional Massage Therapist for 15+ years, "I know that a machine will never duplicate the power within human touch, however the Popular PL-868 does a very thorough job and we bring it to you for the guaranteed lowest price" DB

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Suggested retail price $2690.00 plus
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O R D E R  O N L I N EC L I C K  H E R E  T O  O R D E R  T H E  P L  868
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