The Popular PL-868 Massage Commercial Chair

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  • The PL-868 Commercial Vending Massage Chair has these unique functions:

    • Produces Revenue As It Relaxes Your Customers.

      The commercial PL-868 vending massage chair is successfully being used in: Shopping Centers, Super Markets, Casinos, Country Clubs, Restaurants, Health Fitting Rooms, Beauty Salons, Entertainment Areas, Gas Stations, Car Washes, Airports, Hotels, Motels, Spas, Hospitals, Clinics, Tanning Salons, Rest Areas, etc. Virtually anywhere people gather in groups!

    • This well constructed bill opperated massage chair effortlessly makes money wherever there are people who enjoy a massage & holds up to 600 bills.

    • Alarm System
    • Two digital bill counters
    • Fire resistant surface and foam
    • Two million dollar general liability insurance

    Yin Yang  Day Night Male Female = BalanceAs a Professional Massage Therapist for 17+ years, "I know that a machine will never duplicate the power within human touch, however the Popular PL-868 does a very thorough job and we bring it to you for the guaranteed lowest price" DB

    Just show us the PL-868 advertised for less and we will gladly beat it!

    Suggested retail price $2690.00 plus
    With all of our products you save BIG, just call us now for a quote!

    Please call for more Information or to place your order! Home Page for  all models of Popular's Chairs.
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