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Popular Massage Chairs
Remote Control Icons
Kneading A unique system of rollers move in smooth wavelike motion, simulating chiropractic like massage (3 strength adjustment)


3 speed adjustment rolling massage for the lower leg.

These treatments will loosen up tight muscles and encourage better circulation (3 width adjustment and 3 strength adjustment)


Soothe sore back muscles with this gentle warm therapy. The only chair that offers heat for the back and the seat combined.
Strength You can adjust the strength in 3 steps (weak-medium-strong)

Seat Vibration

2 strength adjustment for seat vibration. (weak-strong)
Width You can adjust the width in 3 steps (wide-medium-narrow)


A gentle set of massages to help you relax and rest. Set the wake-up call for soothing massages to wake you.
You can adjust the any height from neck to tailbone section (up-down)


Backrest and footrest are fully adjustable at a touch of a button for maximum comfort and safety.
Health Mode Health Mode: Preset 15 Minute ~ foot rolling (3 speed adjustment) ~ seat vibration ~ auto kneading (Strong -Medium - Weak) ~ auto tapping (Wide - Medium - Narrow)
auto journey (Overall - Shoulder - Back - Waist)
Rest Mode (wake up): Preset time of 10 to 99 minutes ~ Foot Rolling (3 speed adjustment)
Seat Vibration ~ Auto Kneading (Strong - Medium - Weak) ~ Auto Tapping (Wide - Medium - Narrow) ~ Auto Journey (Overall - Shoulder - Back - Waist)


Overall Full Back: Partial ~ Shoulder ~ Back ~ Waist ~ Fixed: Focuses on Specific Area


Overall: back & forth over all of the back
Partial: back & forth on regional area
Shoulder: back & forth on shoulder
Back: back & forth on back
Waist: back & forth on waist

The Popular Massage Chairs Come In 4 Attractive Colors

Your Back Is Fully Covered  By Popular Massage Chairs!
Your back and whole body deserves the benefits the
Popular™ massage chairs effortlessly offers!

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